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  • Dawn Jones

These 5 Restaurants Serve Some of the Best Fish and Chips Near Helston! (Updated May 2023)

What’s on, my Ansome?

The mighty fish and chip supper is perhaps the quintessential British comfort food, or at the very least, stands at the top of the mountain with our other classics like a Sunday roast or a steak and ale pie! And down here in Cornwall we’re blessed with our pick of the freshest fish straight out of the Ocean on our doorsteps.

If you’re visiting Kernow on holiday, you can’t miss out on a fish and chip feast at least once on your trip. But with so many chippies to choose from, where do you go to get the best food?

You’re in luck, as us lot at Roselidden House camping are certified “A-fish-ionados” (yes, yes, sorry…) of the fish supper and we think we know a few places guaranteed to hit the spot.

In today’s blog you’ll learn about 5 great chip shops (and one bonus spot!) for you to get a proper feed. We think these are the best fish and chips near Helston, and we hope you enjoy! Let’s get into it!

1. Fraser’s - Helston

We’ll kick things off with a great local restaurant close to Roselidden!

Fraser’s chippy is a great traditional British chip shop. With an excellent selection of fresh fish, regular chip chop classics and a good vegetarian menu, it’s a splendid choice sure to please everyone in the family.

2. Hutchinson’s - Helston

Fish and chips in paper

Another local chip shop which hits all the notes you’d want from a chippy! This is the place you want to go if you’re hungry, as they are very generous with their portion sizes!

One thing to keep in mind if you visit this restaurant - it might take a little longer than usual, as they cook everything fresh to order. A little extra time is a good trade for fish straight out of the fryer, though!

3. Catch - Porthleven

If you visit Porthleven on one of your days out, we highly recommend visiting this exciting new local chippy!

Owners Barry Clark has established a great reputation in the local food industry in and around Helston, having been at the helm of the fantastic Wheal Dream restaurant just down the road from Roselidden.

They’re a family run business with a fantastic commitment to using proper, locally sourced produce, and giving back to the local area as much as they can. You couldn’t find a place more worthy of your patronage! And let us not gloss over the important stuff: the food is top drawer! You really can’t go wrong with a visit to Catch!

Note: As the store is still newly open, they’re currently operating on shorter hours. Please check out the Catch Facebook for up-to-date hours!

4. Lewis - Newlyn

Boats in a harbour near Newlyn, near a fish and chip shop

This restaurant is a little far from Roselidden, but we still think it’s one of the best fish and chips near Helston. If you’re only going to visit Cornwall once, we recommend coming here!

Newlyn is famously the home of the Cornish fishing industry - Newlyn Harbour is actually the largest fishing port in England! You won’t find fresher fish anywhere in the Country.

Bonus recommendation - Mackerel Sky seafood bar

Also located in Newlyn is this fantastic little restaurant! It’s not a traditional walk-in chippy, more of a seafood restaurant. But you can choose a battered fish and a side of chips on their menu and it is out of this world. Definitely worth a visit if you have the time!

5. Penmere Fish bar - Falmouth

In the spirit of honesty, let me be up front about this one - This entry has found its way onto the list simply because Penmere Fish bar is this writer’s personal favourite chippy!

It’s located as a corner shop way up above Falmouth’s high street, so you’ll have to venture a little out of your way to get to it - but take it from me, it’s absolutely worth it. Get a large haddock and chips with a curry sauce. That’s my order! I’ve never been able to put my finger on what makes this place so good, the oil, the seasoning, the cook… I have no idea. But it’s SO good. You’ll just have to trust me!

Go get your fish and chips near helston!

So there you go, pals. Our recommendations for the best fish and chips near Helston! Whether it’s fish Friday tradition, or you’ve just got a craving for fried fish and potato, any of these spots will do you right.

Which restaurant will you be visiting? Do you have any recommendations we might have missed? We’re always keen to try out a new chippy! Leave a comment and let us know!

Later on!


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