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  • Dawn Jones

The 5 Best Surfing Beaches Near Helston, Cornwall: A Surfer's Paradise

What’s on, my Ansom?

If you’re visiting Cornwall, there’s a good chance you’re interested in surfing or bodyboarding!

Cornwall is the number one surf destination in the U.K, and for good reason. The local beaches are both stunning and offer fantastic waves for surfers of all levels. But if you’re not from the area, it can be a right faff trying to figure out where to go for a good day out on the waves.

We’ve got you covered! In today’s post, you’re going to learn about 5 places to surf near Helston. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll be able to find something for you here. Let’s get into it!

Surfing near Helston

Porthleven Beach

Porthleven Beach, just a short distance from Helston, is a haven for surfers of all levels. This beautiful sandy beach boasts consistent waves that break both left and right, attracting surfers from far and wide. New surfers can take it easy in the shallow waters and smaller waves, while experienced riders can test themselves with the bigger swells further out. With a backdrop of charming cottages and a lively surf scene, Porthleven Beach is a must-visit spot for surf enthusiasts.

Praa Sands

Praa Sands is a golden mile-long beach between Porthleven and Marazion with great surfing conditions. Praa Sands is popular among experienced surfers because of its powerful waves from the Atlantic swell. However, beginners need not feel left out as the beach offers surf schools where you can take lessons and ride the gentle white waters closer to the shore. The picturesque surroundings and consistent waves make Praa Sands a surfing paradise for all skill levels.

Surfers at Fistral Beach in Newquay

Gwithian Beach

Situated on the northern coast of Cornwall, Gwithian Beach is known for its long sandy stretches and consistent surf breaks. A part of St Ives Bay, this beach offers excellent conditions for both surfing and bodyboarding. The beach faces the Atlantic Ocean, receiving swells from the west and south, resulting in a variety of waves suitable for different abilities. Gwithian Beach also benefits from the presence of surf schools, making it an ideal place for beginners to learn and improve their skills while enjoying the stunning natural beauty that surrounds them.

Godrevy Beach

Near Gwithian Beach, Godrevy Beach is another fantastic spot for surfers near Helston. Famous for its picturesque lighthouse, Godrevy offers consistent waves that cater to various skill levels. The beach is known for its long sandy banks, creating fun and rippable waves. Both high and low tides offer opportunities for surfing, ensuring there's always a wave to catch. Godrevy Beach has something for everyone, from gentle white waters to more challenging waves.

Fistral Beach

Although farther from Helston compared to the previous beaches, Fistral Beach in Newquay is undoubtedly worth the journey for any surfer. Renowned as one of the UK's premier surf destinations, Fistral Beach offers a variety of breaks suitable for all abilities. With its consistent and powerful waves, Fistral has played host to international surfing competitions. This beach boasts a vibrant surf culture, with many surf schools, shops, and cafes lining the shore. Soak in the energetic atmosphere and ride the waves at Fistral Beach for an unforgettable surfing experience.

Time to go catch some waves!

There you have it, folks!

An array of spectacular surfing beaches that cater to all levels of experience surrounds Helston. Beginners and experts can both find amazing surfing experiences at the nearby beaches.

From Porthleven Beach to Fistral Beach, each location possesses its unique charm and surf conditions. So grab your board, wax it up, and get ready to experience the thrill of riding the waves!

We’d love to hear about any of your own recommendations for surfing spots in the area! Leave a comment and let us know!

Later on!


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